Since its inception in 2018, BETER has increased the number of sports and esports events to 300,000+ per year. We provide content that is featured on 100+ sportsbooks from all around the world. 

Today our team consists of 500+ experienced professionals. We have partnered with 25 world’s leading betting operators. 

BETER powers various sports and esports tournaments such as Setka Cup and Up Challenger, ESportsBattle, and Virtual eComp. In 2021, the live streams of these tournaments chalked up 430+ million views. 

We offer tried-and-tested solutions designed with the specific demands of the betting industry in mind. These solutions not only allow you to fill free airtime with engaging content, but also ensure steady, predictable profits and make smashing your KPIs an absolute breeze.

We know how to make the gaming experience faster, easier and BETER for the new generation of players.

40,000+ sports & esports events per month
10-30% GGR growth in gaming
the highest margin in the industry
95% odds uptime in global esports
Zero downtime in live casino
Personalised UI in live casino
Integrity system
24/7/365 coverage
Our mission

To make the betting experience BETER for the next-gen players, providing them with the fast-paced entertainment we know they want.

Our products are designed with two key goals in mind: to increase customer engagement and clients’ revenue.

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