At this moment in time, BETER powers over 30,000 Setka Cup. ESsportsBattle and Virtual eComp matches per month. Our sports and esports content also features on 100 different sportsbooks from all around the world. What’s more, our e-football and table tennis products are currently some of the fastest-growing products on the market in terms of revenue generation and are proving extremely popular among table tennis and e-football fans.

We offer tried-and-tested solutions which are designed with the specific demands of the betting industry in mind. These solutions not only allow you to fill free airtime with engaging content, but also ensure steady, predictable profits and make smashing your KPIs an absolute breeze.

BETER live streams of sports and esports events chalk up a whopping 35M views in 152 countries every month.

To ensure your customers live and breathe tournaments powered by BETER, we provide fast sports events, high-quality live streams, end-to-end additional marketing assistance and comprehensive product support for sportsbooks.

30,000+ matches streamed live every month
8 the most competitive sports & esports betting products
quality live-streaming, live data & odds you can rely on
360 approach & top-notch services
300+ employees
14+ sports & esports arenas operated by BETER
in-house IT solutions & trading tools
a reliable provider with 24/7/365 client support
Our mission

Our mission is to further develop the fast betting niche, as well as meet the needs and demands of everyone in the betting industry. In other words, we aim to provide a plethora of BETERable content that empowers everyone, be it players, sportsbooks, bettors or fans.

Our products are designed with two key goals in mind: to increase customer engagement and clients’ revenue.

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