BETER Integrity

Integrity is paramount: BETER ensures its products and services’ integrity, safety, and reliability.

More than 100 betting operators, tournament organizers, and the industry’s best providers rely on our products and services because we ensure a holistic approach to integrity. 

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Why BETER support?

We ensure the transparency and safety of our content by combining incident management and prevention, risk management, intelligence-led investigations, match monitoring, and integrity education. Also, we have a team of integrity experts who professionally manage operational safety so that risks remain visible and under control.

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Support of responsible gaming

The BETER Integrity team ensures our partners get BETER products and services equipped with all necessary tools, solutions, and measures to help them stay 100% compliant with the requirements of Regulators.

Match monitoring

Our Integrity team monitors suspicious betting patterns and shares information on integrity issues with integrity partners. BETER Esports and BETER Sports have an Integrity operation center established within the trading department. More than 100 dedicated trading experts provide 24/7 customer support to our partners. Also, the organizers of tournaments powered by BETER have their fraud prevention policies to ensure reliability and fair games. BETER Integrity and trading teams are in direct contact with organizers of these tournaments during every event 24/7/365.


BETER Integrity team implements an Integrity agenda by developing and deploying relevant Integrity policies, rules, and standards, as well as regular reviews of the existing regulatory environment to ensure strict alignment and compliance of products and services with the regulatory environment.

BETER personnel complies with National and International law requirements on Sports Integrity and internal regulations. Sportspeople and personnel of tournaments powered by BETER comply with tournaments’ internal policies and codes of conduct.

Integrity education

BETER Integrity team created an Integrity awareness program that includes a must-have integrity e-learning course, and employee and sportspeople integrity due diligence (including mandatory polygraph procedure). This program is supported by a 24/7 active Integrity whistleblowing platform. We promote high Integrity standards within an established Ethics Committee, develop and support sportspeople's integrity lifecycle throughout their career in BETER and provide a robust and thorough recruitment process, covering all relevant sets of personal and integrity examinations on a regular basis.

BETER also partners and collaborates with Sports Federations on Integrity related issues, and deploys robust physical security standards, resources for venues and protection of sportspeople to avoid unwanted access to platforms and players by third parties.

Intelligence-led processes

BETER Integrity team conducts a transparent investigation of all integrity violations internally and externally in compliance with established procedures and through cooperation with international experts, collects and enforces integrity-related Intelligence, and tracks all integrity investigations via the established Integrity Incident Database. We apply a zero-tolerance approach to investigating corruption and bribery cases in sports and esports.

We also cooperate with Law Enforcement agencies and Judicial authorities to prosecute integrity violators.

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