iFrame solution

We’ve developed our embedded betting solution, which, in addition to significantly speeding up the launch of clients’ products, also allows us to implement comprehensive risk management on our end, customisation of margins, and profiling of players.

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Why BETER iFrame?

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Ability to customise margins, odds, currency and language according to the client’s needs

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Users can choose between Esports View, European View, Asian View

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Player stats drive the decision-making process and increase user retention

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Dedicated team that ensures quick product development and growth

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Esports content that adjusts smoothly to smartphone, tablet and desktop screens

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Quick and easy integration

iframe integration

With our fast integration, which takes up to 1 week, we provide our clients with a turnkey product that includes risk management and players profiling

Integration & support
Testing & debugging

Engagement-oriented UI

Our mission is to make the betting experience BETER for next-gen players. With this in mind, we have developed a solution aimed at providing users with fast-paced entertainment and the best possible esports UX/UI — the iFrame solution.

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