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At BETER Sports, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of B2B sports betting content designed to cater to sportsbooks and betting operators. Our extensive portfolio encompasses table tennis, basketball, and ping pong tournaments, ensuring that we can engage new audiences and maximize betting revenue for operators.

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Why BETER Sports?

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Setka Cup

With Setka Cup, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched sports coverage, offering over 9,000 monthly events — twice as many as our competitors.

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Featuring 4 professional teams (5x5), these fast-paced tournaments are designed to captivate bettors with an immersive viewing experience, ultimately boosting revenue growth for our valued partners.

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The world's largest sportsbooks & betting operators trust us because we offer the industry’s most advanced, fast-paced betting experience available.

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Retention, engagement and entertainment. We’ve got it all and guarantee your players will love what we have to offer.

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