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Setka Cup

Next-gen table tennis content designed to maximise sportsbooks’ revenues and increase bettors’ engagement. 

We cover 9,000+ table tennis monthly events available 24/7/365, ensuring stable and predictable margins. 

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What you get with the Setka Cup

The most popular sports tournaments

Additional features

Access to detailed data (results of previous matches, h2h stats, etc.) gives next-gen bettors a sense of control, thereby boosting their confidence in making betting decisions.

Integrity monitoring by BETER team

BETER ensures the transparency and safety of all Setka Cup tournaments by combining incident management and prevention, risk management, intelligence-led investigations, match monitoring, and integrity education.

Integrity is paramount:

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The BETER Integrity team protects all Setka Cup locations 24/7. Only 2 players and 1 referee are allowed to access the match area. During the match, participants cannot use electronic gadgets (smartwatches, phones, etc.).

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BETER also cooperates with law enforcement agencies, judicial authorities, and national sports federations on integrity-related issues, deploys robust physical security standards and ensures
a safe and healthy working environment for players.

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Our integrity experts professionally manage operational safety so that risks remain visible and under control.

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