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BETER is the industry’s leading provider of next-gen content and data, spanning fast sports, esports, live casino products and gaming solutions.


BETER provides 24/7, 365 days per year of live-streamed tournaments offering the best of esports, sports, live casino, and fast-sports games. To back it up, live data is the most precise available, compiled by our in-house experts. Our products are designed with the new generation of players in mind, all delivered to boost engagement, retention, and operator revenue.

Our service is the industry’s most comprehensive: we cover international, national and local esports tournaments, as well as a wide range of other tournaments. We cover 20,000+ live and 40,000+ pre-match global esports events per year.

Our mission is to provide the next-gen players with the fast-paced and BETER entertainment we know they want.


Working with some of the world's largest sportsbooks, we offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions, bespoke services and reliable data-driven products tailored to meet the needs of any business model.
Reliable provider
  • a team of 500+ employees, including an experienced trading team
  • IT solutions, tools & mathematical models developed by our specialist in-house team
Profitable products
  • the most competitive sports & esports products
  • stable, predictable profits
  • unrivalled coverage of top-rated events
  • trusted & verified by leading sportsbooks
  • engaging BETER content
High quality services
  • comprehensive 24/7 trading, technical & operational support
  • 360 approach and flexible terms of cooperation to suit every client
  • Risk Management tools tailored to clients’ needs


Fill free airtime, secure profits and maximise KPIs.
Сlients can take advantage of all our services as a complete package, or pick and choose from the services we offer in accordance with their individual needs. Our products are designed to maximise customer engagement and operators’ revenue growth.
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40,000+ sports & esports events per month
in-play & prematch
markets in sports & esports events
20+ of the most popular sports & esports disciplines
an experienced trading team
predictable margin
24/7/365 support
IT solutions developed by our in-house team
minimum-latency data feed
up to 20 matches simultaneously
35M+ views per month
popular in 150+ countries


What makes our tournament products stand out from the crowd is that they’ve been designed, from the ground up, with the specific needs of the industry in mind.

BETER provides 24/7/365 live streaming of tournaments, as well as statistics and live data so precise you can set your watch to it.

All Setka Cup, ESportsBattle, and Virtual eComp tournaments are powered by BETER and organised in strict accordance with these tournaments’ policies of transparency and fairness, which makes our products safe and trustworthy.

World esports tournaments

We cover international, national and local esports tournaments. We also price up pre-match and in-play professional esports events, as well as a wide range of other tournaments. At present, we cover 20,000+ live and 40,000+ pre-match global events per year.

Services for our clients

We adapt our products and services to suit clients’ needs to ensure they get predictable margins and maximise their profits. We offer our products both as a complete suite, or stand alone services which clients can mix and match to suit their needs.

Intuitive Client Console

Our client console has been designed to ensure data is delivered in the blink of an eye and that all our products are easy to use.

Tailored Risk Management

Our unique solutions ensure that clients get a steady stream of income that they can count on.

Comprehensive & fast support

Our trading, operations and technical support teams respond to all requests in a flash.

Wide-ranging Marketing Assistance

Our comprehensive marketing assistance, which provides everything from promotional kits to media plans, and much, much more, will help increase customer engagement.

Opportunities for tournaments organizers

If you want to become a part of the sports & esports industry our team will organize live streaming of your tournaments and provide accurate live & prematch data for your events, as well as full-cycle services to make your sports & esports tournaments BETERable.

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