ESportsBattle means fast commercial 24/7 tournaments for sportsbooks

ESportsBattle is always expanding its horizons by constantly testing new game formats. What’s more, the Master CUP UT and CS:GO 2x2 matches are featured on no fewer than 100 sportsbooks across the globe.

ESportsBattle League

ESportsBattle LEAGUE is the first national efootball league for professional players (PRO Division), and amateurs (AMATEUR Division) in which competitors face off in both ‘UT’ and ‘Kick-off’ mode respectively.

The ESportsBattle League is held over the course of a year and features 4 season qualifiers, in addition to an annual Grand Final. More than 700 competitors take part in the ESportsBattle LEAGUE, whose mission is to popularize and develop esports on a national level.

ESportsBattle Academy

EsportsBattle Academy is an educational platform for efootball, ebasketball, and CS:GO fans and esports professionals, which aims to further boost esports’ popularity and players’ skills.

The EsportsBattle Academy offers offline and online training programs, mentoring from top players and coaches, a tournament platform, grants for free study and even the possibility of landing a job once you’ve completed your training.

We’re always open to exploring options on how to work with tournament organisers who are looking to ‘beterize’ their tournaments.

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