ESportsBattle offers the most popular esports disciplines.

We cover 33,000+ efootball, ebasketball, ehockey, and CS2 events per month, all of which ensure stable and predictable margins. To back this up, ESportsBattle | Football is the most watched efootball event content among bettors worldwide.

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What you get with ESportsBattle

A plethora of esports content

Integrity monitoring by BETER team

BETER ensures the transparency and safety of all ESportsBattle tournaments by combining incident management and prevention, risk management, intelligence-led investigations, match monitoring, and integrity education.

Integrity is paramount:

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More than 100 betting operators, tournament organizers, and 
the industry’s best providers rely on our products and services because we ensure a holistic approach to integrity.

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We have an Integrity operation centre established within the trading department. More than 50 dedicated trading experts provide 24/7 support to our partners.

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Also, we have a team of integrity experts who professionally manage operational safety so that risks remain visible and under control.

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The world's largest sportsbooks & betting operators trust us because we offer the industry’s most advanced, fast-paced betting experience available.

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