BETER Esports presents a vast portfolio of esports tournaments and cutting-edge solutions built specifically for sportsbooks. We offer robust in-play and pre-match trading services, covering a wide range of in-house and over 400 global esports tournaments from Tier 1 to Tier 3.

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Why BETER Esports?

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Esports Odds Feed

Pre-match and in-play trading for more than 400+ professional esports events and a wide range of other tournaments per year.

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Live streams, real-time data, and odds for more than 33,000 monthly ESportsBattle events, including football (Kick-Off and VOLTA modes), basketball, hockey and CS 2.

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Virtual eComp

Virtual eComps feature the best in AI-powered tournaments with over 3,600+ instant cyber football matches per month, boosting engagement and revenue for sportsbooks.

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The world's largest sportsbooks & betting operators trust us because we offer the industry’s most advanced, fast-paced betting experience available.

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