Asia Pro League
Asia Pro League holds basketball tournaments and organizes their live streaming with an in-house production team. BETER makes these tournaments' beterable,' i.e., supplies them with trading services for instant bet settlement. BETER's trading team developed an efficient events schedule that meets the demands of the betting industry.
Integrity’s the name of the game
Our dedicated team works with our tried-and-tested risk management systems (which we developed in-house) for Setka Cup and ESportsBattle tournaments.
Tournament Security System
  • Setka Cup and ESportsBattle tournament organizers have their own fraud prevention policies to ensure reliability and fair games
  • everyone involved in Setka Cup and ESportsBattle events must comply with internal policies and codes of conduct
  • there are a number of verified procedures for dealing with suspicious activity
  • BETER traders are in direct contact with organizers of Setka Cup and ESportsBattle tournaments during every event 24/7/365
Bet Acceptance Security System
  • multi-level bet acceptance security system which involves BETER traders, risk managers, as well as additional tools and services provided by betting companies such as Sportradar
  • instant response system based on operational information about possible risks of matches
  • up-to-date risk management tools which allow us to assess and analyze matches, as well as bettors’ profiles accurately, as well as to respond in a flash
  • an in-house team of risk managers with a wealth of anti-fraud and betting expertise
World esports tournaments

We cover international, national and local esports tournaments. We also price up pre-match and in-play professional esports events, as well as a wide range of other tournaments. At present, we cover 18,000+ events per year.

Opportunities for tournaments organizers

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the sports/esports betting industry, BETER is here to help. Our expert team can take care of organising live streaming of your tournaments, as well as provide accurate in-play and pre-match odds for your events to make your sports & esports tournaments ‘beterable’.

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