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Trading and tech support

Our trading support team provides clients with quotes, results and tech support for both the markets and odds feeds. In addition to the above, we also give explanations on how to solve disputes about the outcome of a match, as well as explanations of how we’ve calculated odds.

We also use our Client Console to inform our clients of general technical matters and updates.

Operational support

Our operational support team are always on hand to help clients with a wide range of enquiries, such as general information about tournaments, including results, schedules, info about players, operational information about changes in schedules and line-ups, as well any other changes to the supply of content.

What’s more, all of our support staff can provide you with general sales and partnership information/contacts.

24/7/365 communication with bettors

We provide everyone who bets on Setka Cup and ESportsBattle matches with information on players, schedules, results etc., on both the websites and social media accounts of these tournaments.

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