Reliable products and round-the-clock support
  • 24/7/365 instant feedback from our trading and technical support teams, as well as tournament organizers
  • live streams with minimal latencies and delays
  • live data that’s both highly accurate and lightning-fast
  • multi-level fraud prevention system and risk assessment
Wide variety of engaging content to increase your profits
  • a plethora of fast sports and esports content to fill free airtime
  • engaging content that caters to any target audience & GEO (different modes, exciting matches and streams)
  • non-stop event feed (for maximum profitability at all times)
  • ‘fast’ matches and bespoke markets with lightning-quick settlements
Predictable financial outcomes
  • сlients start seeing results straight after integration and can expect to hit the target profits within just a few weeks
  • steady, predictable margins
  • our trading team’s deep, expert knowledge of every sports & esports discipline we cover allows us to calculate accurate odds
Quality services and support
  • we provide trading, technical and operational support 24/7/365
  • multiple integration options
  • minimum-latency feeds
  • we react to any change in the game immediately by adjusting the odds and offering new markets
  • we constantly apply fraud detection, as well as risk assessment methods, to prevent match fixing and ensuring betting is completely fair
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