odds compiling based on reams of statistics
predictable margin
an experienced in-house trading team
up-to-date mathematical models for each discipline
24/7/365 matches with maximum coverage
20+ lucrative markets per event
minimal-latency data and market feed
effective anti-fraud measures which were developed in-house
instant support and feedback
customizable margin options
Accurate & Reliable
We calculate highly accurate odds that ensure stable profits for our clients.
  • our team of expert traders’ laser-like focus on every discipline we cover ensures we provide precise odds
  • our team includes both former professional esports athletes and highly passionate sports experts
  • we have a dedicated trading team for every discipline we cover
  • our trading experts were the first team in the world to dip their toes into live CS:GO trading
  • we use cutting-edge trading tools and in-house IT solutions
  • our team operates in accordance with tried-and-tested internal policies
  • we work directly with the organizers of the Setka Cup & ESportsBattle tournaments
  • our traders process reams of stats on all players/teams, as well as match stats and results.
Efficient & Secure
A jam-packed match schedule designed to engage as many bettors as possible.
  • an ideal number of markets for each match, which caters to bettors’ needs and reflects each discipline’s unique characteristics
  • bets are accepted for the longest possible time during each match
  • match schedule tailored to your location
  • internal procedures which are as solid as a rock
  • fast, safe and stable data feed
  • tried-and-tested internal regulations and policies
  • secure organization of Setka Cup & ESportsBattle tournaments
  • objective, precise odds
Each discipline's odds are calculated and supported by its own traders who have deep knowledge in their respective sport or esport.
World Esports Trading
We cover international, national and local esports tournaments. Our team provides pre-match and in-play odds on professional esports events and a wide range of tournaments, such as: BLAST Premier: Global Final 2021 (CS:GO), The International 2020 (Dota 2), LPL Spring 2021 (LoL) and others.
18,000+ events per year
5,5-7% margin
95% open odds time
experienced trading team
odds for global and local
level tournaments
BETER complex solutions

Сlients can take advantage of all our services as a complete package, or pick and choose from the services we offer in accordance with their individual needs.

Our products are designed to maximise customer engagement and operators’ revenue growth.

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