40,000+ sports & esports events per month
fast-paced, betting-focused content
8 the most popular sports & esports disciplines
minimal latency and delays thanks to in-house IT solutions
simultaneous live streaming of up to 20 events
a jam-packed match schedule
a new match every 10-30 minutes
multiple integration options
adaptable to traders’ needs: separate links for each match
24/7/365 coverage
events last from 10 to 30 minutes
ESportsBattle Live streaming
Non-stop, stable streaming
  • minimal latency and no delays thanks to in-house IT solutions
  • high-precision fast betting incident and data feed
  • multi-tier event security system and risk management
A plethora of engaging content for bettors
  • a wide variety of thrilling, fast-paced sports and esports content
  • a jam-packed match schedule that’s available 24/7/365 and catered to any location
  • a variety of disciplines, constantly updated match formats
  • gripping competitions featuring well-matched teams and competitors
  • bets are accepted for as long as possible during each match
  • reams of stats for all players and matches, and player video clips
First-class service & support
  • in-house tools with 24/7 support, providing an accurate, live event data feed
  • multiple integration options
  • instant feedback
  • we react to any change in the game immediately by adjusting the odds and offering new markets
  • we constantly apply fraud detection, as well as risk assessment methods, to prevent match fixing and ensure that betting is completely fair. — adaptable to traders’ needs: separate links for each match
Technical specs
  • full HD streams (1080 at 60 fps) to ensure a truly first-class customer experience
  • content delivery network
  • Blackmagic camera equipment
  • professional lighting
Tournaments live streaming
BETER complex solutions

Сlients can take advantage of all our services as a complete package, or pick and choose from the services we offer in accordance with their individual needs.

Our products are designed to maximise customer engagement and operators’ revenue growth.

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