BETER supplies its products to world-leading sports betting operators. Today the brand is a leading provider of fast sports&esports content, live streaming, live data and odds for the betting industry. We will now look at the brand’s products and ready sportsbooks  solutions, offers for sports and esports fans and bettors. 

5 key facts relating to BETER profitable products  

The company's products aimed at a global audience, with a particular focus on countries with large audiences of esports and sports fans. 5 main facts connecting with BETER products:  

  1. Competitive content. Sport or esports, that is the question – or is it? In fact, why choose? Today we pick both of them. In a nutshell, esports is a relatively new form of militant sports gaming, but their quality in terms of viewership and revenues have gone off the charts in recent years. Such immense quality clearly suggests that esports tournaments are a phenomenon that simply cannot be ignored. There is betting-oriented, fast-paced content, including stats and sports data.

  2. Reliable and stable live streaming. Due to target audience needs, the company provides high-quality live streaming 24/7/365. There are 35M views in 152 countries per month because of the right approach to presenting competitions content. All streams meet the very high requirements in terms of quality, reliability, redundancy and flexibility. It means that BETER sports and esports content is in great demand around the world. Сompany has a very loyal audience, who is always ready to get unique and engaging content. 

  3. Reliable and accurate odds. The company ensures in-play and pre-match odds for esports competitions of any level. Members of the BETER team provide odds for Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Valorant and PUBG. With help of up-to-date trading tools and in-house IT solutions, the team gets a stable and highest margin of 5.5-7%. BETER offers max coverage of Tier 1, Tier 2 and majority of Tier 3 tournaments. Also clients are  looking for live sports streaming api to get odds on current sports events. BETER offers in-house tools with 24/7 support, providing an accurate, live event data feed. 

  4. Ease to use the client's console. All customers get сonvenient control tools, comprehensive business reports and direct feedback from Setka Cup & ESportsBattle tournament organizers.

  5. Multi-channel communication with support managers. Each client gets an immediate response 24/7/365. 

It is important to note that the team continuously develops and updates all products with the help of different solutions. These measures allow understanding better the customer’s needs and improve them in the future. 

Financial betting has become more popular in recent times thanks to the growth and availability of online gambling sites. Esports fans around the world include some of the hardest to reach consumers for brands because of their cord-cutting and ad blocking tendencies. BETER develops clear-cut decisions for the target audience, offering a regular and high-qualitative stream. The company empowers six different sports and esports disciplines of the Setka Cup and ESportsBattle. 

 How does BETER solve customer's problems?

In some media sources there is a perception that sports dissipated business has turned from a few wagering media groups to a 1000000000 dollar commercial enterprise. Such a hike in demand also gave rise to versatile sports events' change of integrity up their diversion levels to sports dissipated for the wins. Sportsbooks try to stay one-step ahead of the betting curve and BETER members offer ready-made solutions: live data, beterable content, live streaming, accurate odds and analytics. Each client has an opportunity to book a consultation about a solution for business. 

Why does any client choose only one out of ten companies with the same product line? Because it was this company that solved the main problem of the client — as efficiently and promptly as possible. BETER’s team develops complex solutions in the fast betting niche and adapts to its clients’ business needs.

Who is BETER partners and audience? 

There is a modern proverb: “you are who your friends are”. Similar meaning concerns partners of some organisation, because business partners play an important role and affect a company's image on the market. Clients are desperately seeking innovative approaches to sports and esports content, accurate in-play and pre-match odds, live statistics, analytics and so on. 

There are a lot of authoritative figures in the betting, sports and esports industry. BETER is open to partnership with representatives in the betting industry. It is possible to name the top of these companies: 

The company is motivated to be partners with fast-growing companies and to provide them with end to end solutions. But not only business partners are an important component of a company's image but also target audience. There are main customers of BETER products: 

BETER audiences opted for this brand for reliable products, high quality and support. People may ask the next question


The brand mission is to further develop the fast betting niche, as well as meet the needs and demands of everyone in the betting industry. In other words, we aim to provide a plethora of ‘beterable’ content that empowers everyone, be it players, sportsbooks, bettors or fans.

BETER gives ready solutions and сontributes to business growth. Every day the team creates and provides beterable and fast content that maximizes audience's engagement at all stages. According to the main client’s demands, the company is a powerful sports betting solution provider. Each authoritative sportsbook gets a wide range of possibilities, including: 

Also there live sports streaming api are in high demand. This is demonstrated by high numbers of free api in the network. But reputable businesses are in need of high-quality tools and client-oriented software. BETER provides clients with cutting-edge trading tools and in-house IT solutions.