Each month BETER provides 24/7 live streaming, as well as live data and odds for 22,000+ Setka Cup and EsportsBattle events. These tournaments include table tennis, tennis, efootball, ebasketball, eice hockey and CS:GO disciplines. Their matches chalk up 35M+ views in 150+ countries every month. Also, BETER became a partner with Asia Pro League: the platform supplies basketball tournaments with trading services for instant bet settlement.

There is no secret that all these sports disciplines attract fans because of fast-paced games. Authoritative companies like Twitch, YouTube, and many others compete just to win the rights to broadcast these sports and esports events. Why do companies choose BETER? Because the brand not only covers international and local sports&esports tournaments, but offers in-play and pre-match trading with instant bet settlement. 

Why are the Setka Cup table tennis tournaments in high demand in the world?  

Online table tennis represents an alternative to traditional sports activities that have become in demand during the pandemic. Due to this format, athletes continue keeping fit. This approach motivates tennis players because they have the opportunity to do what they love. 

However, the tournaments must be organized in accordance with international quality standards. Setka Cup table tennis is one of the most in-demand products in the world sports betting industry. Table tennis and tennis content is distributed tо 100 resources and receives more than 13 million views per month in 152 countries. All locations comply with the latest European standards. 

Also Setka Cup is: 

That's why top Ukrainian athletes, who are in demand in Western European clubs, choose Setka Cup tournaments. Among them: Oleksii Rybka, Valeriya Stepanovska, Iryna Motsyk, and others.  

What is ESportsBattle? 

Esports fans all across the world love watching skilled players in competitive matches. Esports represents any other thrilling event, so there’s a reason for its huge popularity in the pro community. Esports fans love watching their favorite kind of sport played at the highest level. 

Esports tournaments have inspired some of the most heated contests the world has ever seen, and it only grows larger every day. Gamers who play Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, PUBG and many others desire to see their favorite esports players in a thrilling battle.

ESportsBattle includes 15,000 efootball, ebasketball, Ice Hockey and CS:GO matches that register 22 million views every month. These tournaments bring together a large number of people, companies, betting operators and others. They share similar values and opinions and involve interests.   

ESportsBattle is a fast commercial 24/7 tournament for sportsbooks. The platform always expands its horizons by constantly testing new game formats. More than 100 international sportsbooks feature Master CUP UT and CS:GO 5x5, 2x2 and 1x1 matches.  

What does BETER do for world esports tournaments: odds and live data 

BETER develops inclusive, end-to-end fast betting solutions for sportsbooks and adapts them to clients’ business models. The company offers three top products: live streaming, live data and odds. These products are in high demand among market leaders in the betting industry due to its high quality. 

Сompany's highly-precise live data allows the brand to price up Setka Cup and ESportsBattle tournament matches, as well as other international and local esports events. Also BETER provides the most accurate pre-match and in-play odds, that help clients to count on predictable, stable margins.