Authoritative companies  (EveryMatrix, Sportradar, 365bet, Parimatch) offer a wide range of a customer-orientated tools: bet365 odds feed, live sports data api, bet365 api pricing, sports radar api, white label sportsbook providers, everymatrix software limited and many other.  

Successful businesses are closely linked to long term relationships with customers. In many cases, this may mean all factors — from prompt response to delivery quality products. All efforts are being made to gain a customer's trust and loyalty. But not all сompanies have got such results. 

BETER is a leading provider of fast sports & esports content, live streaming, live data and odds for the betting industry. To establish contact with clients, the brand's team offers in-house services.   

BETER Client's Console: instant access to products and reports 

BETER develops specialised solutions for business clients. This may mean creating a site for a platform that is easy to navigate, or focusing on user friendly product design. It also addresses the brand’s top products (live streaming, live data, and accurate odds) and services. One of these services is a Client Console. 

Each BETER client has access to the Client Console. It represents an easy-to-use tool that makes working with BETER products and managing events an absolute breeze. Client Console allows: 

There is a match selection and feed management, that includes: 

The team constantly works to further refine the client console in accordance with the client’s needs. 

24/7/365 support: direct feedbacks, multi-channel communication and all important info

BETER team members get direct contact with Setka Cup & ESportsBattle tournament organizers. From there, they provide customers by matching prospects with qualitative products and services. BETER team helps to mix all solutions to achieve a much efficient result. 

All BETER products and services benefit from 24/7/365 support from expert managers, who solve trading, technical and operational issues and address clients’ queries in the blink of an eye. Support facilitates effective communication, customer service after the contact, as well as assisting customers in breakdown specific issues that arise when using BETER  product. Each customer gets immediate response 24/7/365 and multi-channel communication with support managers. Help with a wide range of issues is performed by qualified professionals. 

End-to-End Marketing Assistance 

The BETER team provides additional end-to-end marketing assistance & product support. Brand members offer a wide range of tools, including detailed marketing kits for each discipline. It helps to find all necessary information about products and key messages. To launch new disciplines, the BETER team provides clients with media plans. Also, the team develops individual loyalty programs for clients. 

Support at all levels trading, tech and operational

There are trading, tech and operational support. The trading support team provides clients with quotes, results and tech support for both the markets and odds feeds and gives explanations on how to solve disputes about the outcome of a match.  

The operational support helps clients with a wide range of issues, such as general information about sports and esports tournaments, results, schedules, players info, ranking, changes in schedules and many others.

The outstanding range of services which BETER provides makes using the brand's products an absolute breeze for our clients.