Marketing kits & tools
for our clients
  • we have detailed marketing kits for every discipline we power, which include product info, creative materials, key messages for communication with bettors, and recommendations as to which events to shine a light on to increase profits
  • we can provide our clients with media plans to launch new disciplines, as well as increase customer engagement with existing products
  • we develop and supply individual loyalty programs and marketing bonuses for our clients
Increase customer
engagement and your margins

Here at BETER, we work tirelessly to promote tournaments we power to increase their visibility and land our clients further in the black.

We provide brands powered by BETER with entertaining video content featuring games and players, in order to further cement customer engagement and loyalty.

24/7/365 customer care
that fosters loyalty

The BETER team communicates with bettors via the Setka Cup and ESportsBattle tournaments’ websites and social media accounts 24/7/365. In other words, we help bettors to deal with any issues that come up and ensure our clients can count on customer loyalty, as well as additional first-class customer support from us.

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